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The serverless visual coursewhere you learn, see, and do.

Serverless leaves you dazed and confused?

Forget the marketing BS and verbose documentation. This course is straight to the point and teaches you what matters.

This is not the ultimate reference. This is how you finally piece everything together and get started!

Like a book,but a bit more than a book:
Practical use cases
Interactive simulations
Deployable code examples

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“Everyone talks about serverless,
I'm not even sure why I should care.”

— you?

Learn through concrete use cases

"Serverless visually explained" lets you read at your own pace with a use-case oriented approach. Instead of drowning you with choices and insignificant details, it teaches you to go from zero to production with:

AWS Lambda

Learn how code runs on Lambda, how it scales, and what it means for your applications.

HTTP applications

Use API Gateway to create scalable APIs and websites. Learn how you can throttle HTTP traffic to protect your wallet.

Queue workers

Use SQS queues to run asynchronous jobs at an insane scale. Or, if you prefer, limit the throughput to buffer uneven loads.

Error handling

Let Lambda catch your errors and set up the best retry and notification mechanisms for your use case.

Decoupled microservices

Microservices calling each others through HTTP calls is fragile. Decouple services by exchanging messages via AWS EventBridge instead.

File uploads & imports

Change the way you process files: let AWS trigger your code when a new file is uploaded to S3. Asynchronous processing without effort.

As well as serverless architecture patterns for: webhooks, parallel task processing, event buffering, legacy applications, and more!

See it in action

Most books tell you what to expect. This course lets you see it and interact.

Below is a demo of a SQS queue worker. Want to learn more? That's all in the course.

☝️ This is a simulator that runs in the browser. It replicates the behavior of serverless AWS applications so that you can learn by playing, without having to deploy anything.

It is used throughout the course to illustrate visually how services behave and talk to each other.

Don't stop at the theory: deploy!

The course is illustrated with code samples. It also provides complete working projects that can be deployed to your AWS account.

Examples projects are configured and deployed with the Serverless framework, the most popular tool for creating serverless applications. Every example is available in JavaScript or PHP (with Bref). Choose your flavor and get started!

Matthieu Napoli

About the author

Hi, I'm Matthieu, developer and serverless consultant. I open-sourced my first code in 2003 and built my first website in 2007. I haven't stopped since.

After years of setting up servers, learning Ansible and finally Docker, I moved to serverless. I now create serverless applications for clients as well as for my own projects. I also maintain a serverless PHP framework for AWS Lambda that has been installed more than 100k times, and a serverless cost calculator.

Besides coding, I blog, tweet, talk, and train teams about serverless. I created this course to make all that content accessible to more people.

Answers to your questions

How can I follow the course?

The course is available as a website, you only need a modern browser. After your purchase, you will be redirected to the course.

All the animations are implemented in JavaScript and run inside the web pages. You do not need to do anything for these to work (other than opening the page in your browser).

How can I deploy the example projects?

On top of short code extracts inside the course, you can also get complete example projects ready to deploy.

To deploy these projets, you will need to create a (free) AWS account as well as to setup the serverless CLI tool. Don't worry, you will be guided through it.

Will this course make me an AWS expert?

The goal of this course is to help you get started with serverless, and send real applications to production with confidence. Serverless is a topic so vast that a single course couldn't cover entirely. That's cool because it means there's something new to learn every month!

Do I need prior experience with AWS?

No, we gradually look into AWS and the serverless services it offers.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! Sales are made through Gumroad, which can provide invoices.

Does the price include VAT?

The price displayed here is exclusive of VAT. Depending on your location, Gumroad may add VAT to your purchase.

What is your refund policy?

If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, email me at matthieu@mnapoli.fr within 7 days and I'll refund you in full, no questions asked.

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What does "early-access" mean? It means you can start following the course right now. While most chapters are done, a few of them are still work in progress (read the list here). Early-access licenses include all future updates, including new chapters that will be published in the next weeks.


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The course with its text content, interactive animations and short code samples.

Example projects ready to be deployed to AWS (available in JavaScript and PHP).

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The course with its text content, interactive animations and short code samples.

Example projects ready to be deployed to AWS (available in JavaScript and PHP).

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Serverless Visually Explained by Matthieu Napoli